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  • Which are the Best Contact Lenses for You?
  • Which are the Best Contact Lenses for You?

    Advances in contact lens technology have allowed them to substitute for spectacles to correct almost every type of vision problem. The popularity of contact lenses today is a testament to their versatility and convenience. The best contact lenses for your specific needs is a matter to be determined in consultation with an Aristone Optical optician. In the meantime, here is a quick guide to your options for reusable contact lenses.

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  • Daily Disposable Lenses

    The majority of complications arising out of contact lens use are related to their maintenance. Daily disposable lenses eliminate that possibility altogether – you use them for the duration of the day and dispose of them before bed. There is no need for cleaning solutions and lens washing rituals, making these the ultimate in contact lens convenience.

    Daily disposables are suitable for correction of both nearsightedness and farsightedness.

  • Reusable Lenses

    Reusable lenses are contact lenses that may be used for a number of weeks before they need to be disposed of. Generally, they are designed to be worn over either a fortnight or a month. They have to be washed in contact lens solution after use and stored in the special case provided. Newer models allow the eye to breathe better so the user may even sleep in them.

    Reusable lenses are the ideal balance of convenience and cost.

  • Astigmatic

    Astigmatism is a congenital condition where the eyeball is not perfectly spherical. As a result, images received by the eye cannot be focused as they should, which leads to distorted or multiple vision. Astigmatism correction lenses are shaped to counter the imperfections in the shape of the eye and, consequently, allow astigmatics to perceive images with clarity and the correct focus. These lenses are available as both daily disposable and reusable lenses.

  • Multifocal Lenses

    Almost everyone will eventually suffer from Presbyopia - the hardening of the lenses in the eye. This loss of lens flexibility reduces the ability of the eye to focus on objects near and far, resulting in impaired vision for a range of distances.

    Just like bifocal and multifocal spectacles lenses, multifocal contact lenses give a user perfect vision for all activities from reading to shopping to driving.