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Anti Reflective Lens Coating

Anti Reflective Lens Coating

The refractive properties of glass and similar materials from which spectacles lenses are made, coupled with their curved surface, make them particularly susceptible to capturing reflections. The result is diminished light penetration to the eyes and a look that detracts from the refinement of your overall appearance.

An anti reflective coating applied to glasses lenses can counter these effects.

Basic lenses may cause as much as over 10% of light to be lost through reflection; anti reflective glasses can reduce that figure by a factor of fifty to just 0.2%. The results are immediate.

The user benefits from significantly improved vision clarity. An additional advantage is that the eyes of the spectacles wearer are visible to others which makes for more pleasing interaction.

Aristone Optical’s range of anti reflective glasses goes beyond simple anti reflective coating – enjoy even better visual acuity and convenience with the super-hydrophobic characteristic of our lenses which repel water and resist condensation.

Thin and Light lenses

Thin and Light lenses

Spectacles lenses have had a long evolution originating with simple glass, progressing to plastics and, today, incorporating a wide range of materials chosen for their superior clarity, weight and strength characteristics.

Thin and Light lenses are currently at the pinnacle of spectacles lens design. They are a type of High Index lens, a term that refers to their ability to bend light more effectively than regular lens materials.

The immediate result is thinner lenses for the same level of vision correction. Thin lens glasses are inherently lighter and make for improved comfort, especially for prolonged wear.

Thin and Light lenses also deliver an enhanced aesthetic, particularly for individuals who are far-sighted. Hyperopic lenses are thicker in the centre and their magnifying effect manifests a characteristic bug-eyed look with conventional lens material. This effect is greatly diminished with thin lens glasses.

Aristone Optical’s Thin and Light lenses range also incorporate an anti-reflection coating for an even better appearance and viewing experience.