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  • Lens Options

    This simple pleasure and indispensable ability can be affected by age. Presbyopia, the hardening of the lens inside the eye, reduces its flexibility and, thus, the ability of the eye to focus on objects that are close to the observer. Reading becomes difficult, as does the ability to operate devices like remote controls.

    Reading glasses offer an immediate and effective solution to this problem.

    The term 'reading glasses' may refer to two separate types of spectacles. The first type consists of prescription lenses made specifically for the user according to the degree of presbyopia of the eyes. The second type are Ready Readers, which are simply frames fitted with magnifying lenses. These simplify everyday actions around the home at an economical price.

    Choose either or both – Aristone Optical has the range of reading glasses that will give you the eye for detail you need.

  • Bifocal lenses

    Bifocal lenses assist in correcting both near and distant vision. They are most commonly used by individuals who suffer from presbyopia.

    Presbyopia is the hardening of the lens of the eye, an unavoidable part of the aging process. The loss of flexibility in the lens detracts from its ability to lengthen and broaden, which is how the eye focuses on objects at varying distances.

    The simple remedy to this is a bifocal lens, a single lens that contains two discrete areas. These two areas have different characteristics; one that corrects myopia – short-sightedness, and the other that corrects hyperopia - far-sightedness. The result is visual acuity for a range of tasks without the need for two separate pairs of spectacles.

    Bifocal lenses are easily distinguishable by the two distinct areas of glass of which they are composed. The exact design and relative sizes may differ depending on your preferences and requirements.

    Aristone Optical carries a wide range bifocal lenses and our team of optical specialists will ensure you leave with a clearer view of the world around you.

  • Single Vision Lenses

    Single vision lenses are the most basic lenses; as the name suggests, they have a single prescription across their entire surface. They are the commonly prescribed type of lens.

    A single vision lens may correct either near, intermediate or distance vision. Consequently, single vision lenses are ideal for specific tasks and offer arguably the best results for those individual purposes.

    Driving glasses and reading glasses are two popular examples of single vision lenses. Intermediate distance single vision lenses specifically for computer use are becoming increasingly common.

    The Aristone Optical range of single vision lenses comprises of brands and models that offer the perfect balance of quality, technology, economy and style.

    From basic UV protection to specially-coated models that resist scratching while suppressing reflections, and to Transitions lenses that darken in bright ambient conditions for added user comfort, there is an ideal pair of Aristone Optical single lenses waiting for you.