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Varifocal Lens options

Whether you want read the signs while driving to the shops, browse the shelves when you get there, or read the fine print on the label of the product in your hands, varifocal lenses offer a comprehensive solution for every distance in a single package. Aristone Optical has a range of varifocal lens options from which to choose.

An entry level varifocal lens of excellent quality, this range offers scratch resistance as standard.

This versatile range offers good clarity and can be used in a wide range of frames.

Featuring a broader field of vision than most other varifocal lens types, Performance lenses offer easy adaptability as well.

Boasting the widest field of vision and ease of use, Advanced varifocal lenses are the most popular choice available.

Varifocal Lenses

Visual acuity is one of the first victims of the ageing process, and arguably the most common. Presbyopia - the hardening of the lens in the eye - together with a weakening of the muscles that control it, diminishes the ability of the eye to focus on objects both near and far.

The result is poor vision across a range of distances. The earliest solution to this was to wear different spectacles for different activities and this was followed by the introduction of bifocal lenses.

Varifocal lenses are a relatively new solution to the old problem. The distinct advantage they hold over bifocals is their integration of mid-distance vision correction besides basic near and far vision correction. Their appeal are also lies in that they are indistinguishable from single-purpose lenses - unlike bifocals, varifocal lenses have seamless transition over their surface.

Varifocal lenses still cannot offer perfect vision, however, and a minimal level of blurring is unavoidable. Aristone Optical can help minimise this effect with custom-made varifocal lenses.

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