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We want Visitors and Users to enjoy their visit to the Aristone Optical Website and in order to maintain a safe and secure environment, we ask that you use the Website in good faith and follow the guidelines contained in this User Guide at all times. Aristone Optical' terms and conditions of usage (without limitation) are as follows:

Users should demonstrate respect and courtesy to other Users at all times.

Users must use their utmost integrity in their dealings with the Aristone Optical Website and its Users and must not adopt or use another

User's identity as their own with the deliberate intention to mislead.

Users must not transmit, download or e-mail sexual, racial or religious images or material through the Aristone Optical Website.

Users must not use or make use of the Website so as to threaten, abuse or howsoever make defamatory statements with reference to Aristone Optical, its employees or other Users.

The use of the Aristone Optical Website for the purpose of sending chain letters or other junk mail is strictly prohibited.
The distribution of unsolicited advertising or promotion materials is again strictly prohibited.

Users must not knowingly download, e-mail or otherwise post onto the Aristone Optical Website files containing viruses or other executable software programmes or with the specific intention of damaging the Aristone Optical Website and/or another User's computer or equipment.

Users must not do anything which restricts or in any way prevents access to the Aristone Optical website, in particular:

Users must not attempt to deploy methods or systems to defeat any security systems, codes used by Aristone Optical for the privacy and security of the system, the Website as a whole and its Users.

The name Aristone Optical is the registered trademark of Aristone Optical (UK) Limited and any unauthorised use of the same will amount to an infringement of our Intellectual Property Rights.

All Visitors/Users should be aware that Aristone Optical has in place software and systems which monitor the use of the Aristone Optical Website. In order to maintain its high standards Aristone Optical reserves the right to censor content and conduct which in their opinion is: damaging to the reputation and use of the Website; to Aristone Optical and/or Visitors/Users of the Aristone Optical Website and to take such legal action as is necessary to prevent the same and to ensure the security of its Website. In accordance with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (as amended by the Human Rights Act 1998) Aristone Optical may monitor transactions, e-mails and visits to their Website in order to ensure compliance with their terms and conditions of usage. By reading this notice you are deemed to have consented to the monitoring of such transactions, e-mails and visits to the Aristone Optical Website.

By sending, posting or uploading information, material or files onto the Aristone Optical Website a User is deemed to have granted to Aristone Optical an unconditional licence to use, reproduce, publish or to howsoever deal with such information, material or files sent to Aristone Optical in such manner as Aristone Optical deem fit - free from liability or payment.

Any statements or opinions expressed by Users/Visitors on the Aristone Optical Website do not represent the views or opinions of Aristone Optical and Aristone Optical cannot accept liability in respect of any damage or loss suffered by a Visitor/User to the Website acting in reliance of such a comment or opinion. Users/Visitors to the Aristone Optical Website are advised to use care in the interpretation of such comments and form their own opinion as to the validity or otherwise of the same.

Aristone Optical cannot be held liable as to the validity or otherwise of any information or material which a Visitor/User accesses via links within the Aristone Optical Website and not maintained by Aristone Optical. These are external sources and as such are out of the control or maintenance of Aristone Optical.

Aristone Optical do not warrant the accuracy or otherwise of their Website or that it is free from defects or viruses. Access to the Aristone Optical Website is free and no liability for loss or damage can be accepted by Aristone Optical in respect of the use of information therein.
By using the Aristone Optical Website you consent to Aristone Opticales' terms and conditions and disclaimers as set out herein and elsewhere within the Aristone Optical Website. Aristone Optical reserve the right to vary or otherwise amend those terms as appropriate and will advise Users/Visitors to the Aristone Optical Website as soon as such changes occur.

The terms and conditions contained herein shall be construed and governed in accordance with English Law. Any dispute thereunder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.